Friday, October 07, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

rather wicked

it's really rather wicked, de clieu, to have a solid chocolate log with which to stir my hot chocolate. but oh heavens, rather good

blown wide open

the inimitable DAMN MORODER (and small blonde sidekick) post gig - they really killed it at the Wide Open Spaces Festival just out of Alice Springs

finding jellyfish

some jellyfish inspired experiments for the design of the launch of VOID LOVE at the Speigletent.

The event was quite the pink bollywood bonanza, featuring video, live links, the Bombay Royale, Jess Cornelius and the one and only Kamahl. And suitably sold out!

folding pages

we commissioned this work for my mum by the wonderful book sculptor Nicholas Jones. So nice to honour books as pieces in themselves - the endpages on this old tale were too hard to go past.

Joseph Kosuth at ACCA

beautiful exhibition by Joseph Kosuth at ACCA
this huge black space, spiced by words of neon light in the hard to reach borders of the ceiling

x ma s