Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Void Love


There is an exciting new art being made by Willoh S Weiland and Nicky Forster called Void Love. They've been in residency working with the Astrophysics department at Swinburne University and the product will be an amazing soap opera dealing with the big bang, dark matter and all things cosmology-like. It stars the one and only Kamahl, some pale people and body parts. Very Fun!


photos c/o willoh & nicky

True Live "Something To Be"


I did the art direction and location scouting for this clip recently, directed by Dan Koerner and produced by Virginia Kay. It was filmed at an old textile factory and we had a tonne of recycled water brought in for the big splash scene.
Check it out here.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some missing images of old work..

Strange Fruit1
A picture I took of Strange Fruit performing in Spain. I did duplicate costumes for this show, Field in 2007.

In front still #1
Still from the 2006 TZU video clip, In Front, directed by Anto Skene. I did the production design.

Still from the 2006 Tex'n'Tim video clip, Everybody Hates You When You're Popular, directed by Anto Skene. I worked on art department.

Photo of one of the bedrooms on set of the 2005 TV series Forget The Rules, where I ran the art and wardrobe departments.

Still from the 2004 production of Treibgut by Titanick Theatre Company in Germany, where I worked in the costume department.

Still from the 2002 feature film, "The Sticks", directed by Marcus Shutenko. I worked in the wardrobe department.

Still from the 2002 "The Half Light" theatre production by Forgets To Blink. I did costumes, set design and performed in the piece.

city spaces

Some interesting spaces I looked at while location scouting for an upcoming clip.

Pentouse Mouse 09

Penthouse Mouse delivered a new program of fashion/art events during the fashion festival. Set in the old roller-skating rink, now derelict, that I, incidently, had my 7th birthday party at...

Some great art pieces amongst the fashionista's, including a ride-on drawing machine, and these great cut objects by Robbie Rowlands.

On-the-side fashion-in-black at the mid mouse runway show, featuring some great designers. Must say, watching those watching was just as interesting to me. It's a weird thing, runway shows, with everyone pulling their pout and waiting to be snapped up, nonchalantly, as the next big thing. It does permeate though, even I felt the every-second oscillation from feeling fabulous to awkward and spent. ha ha

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

waiting on high

the curious cat

BDO 09

Nat Thomas goes to hell

Nat's exploding exhibition at Hell Gallery, with the sounds of Slocombes Pussy and a packed courtyard of boozed up bodies in bunny ears.