Monday, November 03, 2008

taking the air with panther, kittens and girls girls girls

A few great exhibitions and shows I've seen recently:
Inside Out, a beautiful photography exhibition by Fiona Wood Upstairs@TheNapierHotel.
Taking the Air with Master Basho and Maestro Ravel, an exhibition of jewellery by Jennifer Martin at EgEtal on Flinders Lane - stunning pieces with story and soul.
Girls Girls Girls, a collaborative show at the Carlton Bar & Studios - great ladies, great work - the 70's sex collages and the enormous scale pencil case were standouts.

2 shows as part of the Melbourne Festival:
Kitten by Jenny Kemp at The Malthouse - incredibly acted, polar bear suits and silver balloon fish, fascinating writing and great lighting.
Exercises in Happiness by Panther at a warehouse in Carlton - a series of interactive tasks to measure your happiness, as rated by the audience/participants.

Panther did a fantastic job putting on this show. Staged as a social experiment, with results of the participant's happiness published by Crawl online daily, it allowed individual exploration of the concept of happiness, in an space that necessitated a comfortable level of interaction with others. 'Exercises in Happiness' is of great interest to me in relation to The Playground Project as it looks to define, or question, a pursuit of something that makes our daily lives a better place.
Activities included playing an electric guitar, indoor gardening, watching porn, listening to Beethoven, eating cake over conversation, hitting a pinata and reading in bed.

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