Friday, April 17, 2009

Some missing images of old work..

Strange Fruit1
A picture I took of Strange Fruit performing in Spain. I did duplicate costumes for this show, Field in 2007.

In front still #1
Still from the 2006 TZU video clip, In Front, directed by Anto Skene. I did the production design.

Still from the 2006 Tex'n'Tim video clip, Everybody Hates You When You're Popular, directed by Anto Skene. I worked on art department.

Photo of one of the bedrooms on set of the 2005 TV series Forget The Rules, where I ran the art and wardrobe departments.

Still from the 2004 production of Treibgut by Titanick Theatre Company in Germany, where I worked in the costume department.

Still from the 2002 feature film, "The Sticks", directed by Marcus Shutenko. I worked in the wardrobe department.

Still from the 2002 "The Half Light" theatre production by Forgets To Blink. I did costumes, set design and performed in the piece.

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